Dao rọc vỏ cáp quang S4-28 (Weicon – Đức)

2015-03-22 13.11.28

Made of highly resistant synthetic fiberglass material

WEICON Cable Stripper S 4-28Compact & safe solution on highest quality level

current safety standard

EU.Pat.no 07114242.6

1. Adjustments:

No damage of the inner conductors occurs due to the infinitely variable adjustment of the cutting depth.
It can be handled easily and precisely with the adjusting wheel.

Cable Stripper S adjustments

2. Circular – longitudinal cut:

Both circular and longitudinal cuts are possible due to a self-turning stripping blade.

circular-longitudinal cut

3. Application:

Accurate, fast and safe stripping of all common round cables of 4-28 mm ø.

Cable Stripper S application

4. Additional Blade:

This is the first cable stripper of its kind which has an additional hook blade that can steadily jut out or be immersed into the tool and then be fixed in both positions due to reasons of operational safety. This is a new safety standard in the domain of „cable strippers“.

Additional Blade of Cable Stripper S

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Dao cắt chính xác CT-06A

The CT-06 fiber optic cleaver provides high quality cleaving at an economical price. Designed for cleaving single fibers only, this cleaver is best suited for the installation of field installable connectors and mechanical splices. The rugged yet scaled-down design offers cleave quality approaching that of more expensive high precision cleavers. The long-life, 16-position circular blade performs cleaving operation in one single step. A manual scrap will be included in a future version at no additional cost.



Features  include CT-06A, CT-06B

  • Single fibre cleaver.
  • Long blade life – up to 48,000 cleaves.
  • Cleave length 5-20mm using fibre plate AD-10.
  • Coating diameter 250-900um (2/3mm cord & drop cable with AD-30C.)
  •  Fibre holder compatible.
  • Detachable scrap collector included.
  • Download Catalogue: ct-06 EN
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